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Wilhelmina Models New York Casting Event

Wilhelmina Models Vancouver Casting Call from Media Centre on Vimeo.

I was sitting in a Starbucks with Media Centre partner Alan Forsythe when he asked me out of the blue if I’d like to do a behind the scenes slideshow of the Wilhelmina Models New York Casting Event, which was being held at Vancouver’s famous Tiki Hotel, the Waldorf. Wilhelmina Models is one of the largest modelling agencies in the world, and they’ve recently expanded into Canada.

The aspiring models started their day having their make up and hair checked, then they would go have their measurements checked, and an up to date headshot photograph taken. Then they wait in the hallway to see the New York agents who were in for the day.

Alan’s friend friend, singer Dana-Marie Battaglia donated a song to the show.

David Buzzard

Wilhelmina Models New York Casting Event -Waldorf Hotel – Media Centre

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Executive House Shoot

High end Whistler house
I spend a lot of time shooting Vancouver house photos. I spent a busy day shooting this brand new executive Whistler house for CR Contracting, the builders of the house. There is some amazing timber framing, with entire tree trunks being used for the upright posts.

This first shot is the front entry, looking towards the kitchen and breakfast nook. One of the great features of this house are the three story high, floor to ceiling windows, but that also caused me huge problems, as it’s such a bright light source that almost everything in the room is silhouetted. To balance the light, I used a 640w/s strobe with a large softbox on the second floor landing to camera left to light the the centre and camera right posts, another 640w/s light on the floor to camera left aimed at the bar, and a third 640w/s light with a small softbox behind the post on camera left to light the kitchen.

Actually, the biggest problem with this shot was the $35,000 Steinway baby grand piano that was in the middle of the room and generally in the way of everything. I grabbed a couple of painters who were finishing … Read the rest

Sura Korean Cuisine – Vancouver

Korean Beef, Sura restaurant, Vancouver
By David Buzzard
Earlier this year I spent a couple of days shooting the menu for the Sura Korean BBQ restaurant in Vancouver. I was working with graphic designer Jung Shin, who’s working on a series of re-vamped menus for Vancouver’s Korean restaurants. The pictures here are from Sura, and were done after the restaurant closed over two nights. We worked from 10:00 at night to about 4:00 in the morning, to shoot over 60 different dishes.

Korean Chicken Soup, Sura Restaurant, Vancouver
Chicken soup, with a whole chicken in it.

Korean Chef, Sura Restaurant, Vancouver

Korean Chef, Sura Restaurant, Vancouver
Some action in the kitchen, which will be used for cut away images in the menu.

Tech Stuff
MacBook Pro Tethered to a camera
When doing this kind of work, it’s really important to tether the camera to a computer so that everyone, designer, chef, client, as well as the photographer, can see what’s going on.

Alien Bee Lights on location
Where’s the lighting set up for the food shots. It’s really not that different from shooting a portrait, the beauty dish is the key light, the softbox is the fill light, and the light with the home-made snoot is the kicker.

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikon AF-S 28-70mm f/2.8
Lighting: Alien Bee B1600 X 3

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Chinchero Trail Mountain Decent – Mountain Bike Peru

My buddy tim Steffanik is a legendary Whistler mountain biker, and has been spending his winters riding in Peru. The other day he came over to my place for dinner, bringing a battered looking goPro camera with him. Tim had found the goPro camera lying on the A-Line trail in the Whistler Bike Park that summer (I guess it had fallen of someone’s bike, and they never came back for it), and decided to record some footage of the trails.

The Incas build a network of foot trails through the mountains that are still in use today, and they are a magnet for hard core mountain bikers. It makes for a dizzying ride through the mountains.

Tim was over at my place for dinner the other night, and asked me if I could do something with the footage. I gave it a quick edit and burned it to a DVD disk. This clip caught my eye, I thought I’d share it.

David Buzzard

Chinchero Trail Mountain Decent – Mountain Bike Peru – Media Centre

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Welcome to Media Centre

Welcome to the new web page of Vancouver Photographers Alan Forsythe and David Buzzard. We’ve been friends for years. Alan published the Sea to Sky News and Garibaldi Times newspapers in Squamish, as well the Vancouver cultural magazine Urban Pie, while David was the photographer for the publications. … Read the rest