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Whistler Magazine – Food Photos

I spend six weeks photographing the food and portrait sections of the Whistler Magazine, the resort magazine put out by Glacier Media, the parent company of the Whistler Question and Pique.


Araxi Whistler.  BC Sable Fish with Miso.




Tech Stuff:

All the food photos were highly technical set ups, using multiple studio strobes.  One of the most interest shots to get was the one of the salt encrusted beet at the Nita Lake Lodge.  I’d been there last year in the winter and noticed that they had some portable fire places on the patio in front of the bar.  I called ahead and asked them if they could set one up for me to use as a back ground.  I did some conventional shots inside the restaurant, and then moved out and shot in front of the fire.

A funny aside, the beet was supposed to be red.  The beets were roasted the night before and then the chef cut them open beside the table.   When he saw it wasn’t red, he went into the kitchen and started yelling at one of the cooks, who guess was in the dog house for a while.  I thought the orange beet really worked well … Read the rest