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The 1990 Lillooet Lake Road Blockade

The 1990 Lillooet Lake Road blockade
A young first nations woman is arrested during the 1990 Lillooet Lake Road Blockade.

In November 1990, the RCMP moved in force to clear a road blockade on the Lillooet Lake Road (It’s now the part of Highway 99 through Mt. Currie) that members of the Mt. Currie Indian band had maintained for the previous four months. There had been a very high profile showdown between Canadian troops and Mohawk Indians during the 1990 Oka Crisis, and that caused long standing local land use issues in Mt. Currie to boil over in the summer of 1990. While the Oka Crisis was highly publicized and eventually settled relatively peacefully, the blockade in Mt. Currie was far from any urban centres and basically ignored by the media. After four months, the province acquired an injunction against the protestors and then an enforcement order, allowing the RCMP to clear the road.

Hundreds of Mt. Currie residents came out to maintain the roadblock, while several buses of RCMP officers arrived. While most of the protestors stood aside, 63 were eventually arrested. It would become Canada’s longest political road blockade.

While today this is kind of a forgotten incident, it really was the beginning of … Read the rest