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Location Headshots

Vancouver Business Headshots
Nine of the twenty three business portraits I photographed for an international financial services company at their annual meeting in Whistler.

I received an interesting request for some Vancouver headshots the other day. It was from a financial services company who were having their annual meeting at the Hilton Hotel in Whistler. The company wanted a set of matching business portraits, or headshots, and since their executives were spread all over the world, Vancouver, Asia, England, I had to do the photography in the middle of their very busy annual meeting.

I set up my studio in an empty board room at the Hilton first thing that morning, as the first group was set to come down during the morning coffee break. In 20 minutes, I shot the first six portraits, or about one every three minutes for both a tight head and shoulders portrait and a 3/4 length relaxed business portrait. I photographed the last 17 portraits in about an hour over the lunch break.

For more of my headshot work, check out my business portrait page at http://www.media-centre.ca/headshots/

Tech Stuff
Vancouver Business Headshots
A quick view of my set up in the Whistler Hilton boardroom.

This was one of those jobs … Read the rest

Alta Bistro

The Alta Bistro at Whistler BC.  Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
Baguettes with a Poolish Ferment at the Alta Bistro, photographed for the Pique Magazine’s Chef’s Choice Book, as well as the summer edition of Whistler the Magazine.

I do a lot photos for Whistler restaurants, and the Alta Bistro is one of my favourites. I’ve been there a few times over the last 18 months, the first time to do a portrait of owner Eric Griffith for the West Ender in Vancouver, then later we were there for a food shot to go with the Pique’s Chef’s Choice Recipe Book.

The Alta Bistro is know for it’s deep commitment to a sustainable farm to table menu, as well as having one of the best wine lists in town.

The Alta Bistro at Whistler BC.  Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
Another view of the Baguettes with a Poolish Ferment dish we photographed for the Chef’s Choice, this time with the famous wall of preserves in the background.

Eric Griffith of The Alta Bistro at Whistler BC.  Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
Eric Griffith in front of the wall of preserves that is such a dominating feature of the Alta Bistro. Several well known photographers have photographed him against the preserves, so it’s interesting to see the different versions. I shot this for a story the West Ender was doing on the Cornucopia festival in Whistler, … Read the rest

The Cure at the Nita Lake Lodge

Organic beef burger at the Cure Lounge at The Nita Lake Lodge

I photographed this really great looking burger, made from organic Pemberton raised beef, at the Cure Lounge at The Nita Lake Lodge for the Pique Magazine’s Chef’s Choice Recipe Book. I’d been at the Nita Lake Lodge a few months earlier and done an outside photo of a dish at the restaurant on the patio, so I had a pretty good idea that I wanted to do the shot outside, looking out to the iconic Nita Lake.

I’m really proud of the work I did for the Chef’s Choice book. We shot over 30 photos for the 128 page book in two and half weeks. One of the chef’s at the Nita lake had some experience in cook publishing, and he said it usually takes a year to do a similar project. You can find it at Armchair Books in the Whistler Village.

Organic beef burger at the Cure Lounge at The Nita Lake Lodge

Here’s the behind the scenes via of the shoot. It was a relatively complex lighting set up, with three powerful Alien Bee studio strobes to light the burger. The day was actually kind of overcast and cold, so to get the warm background, I used some 1/8 CTB (convert to blue) cooling gels on the lights. … Read the rest

ThinkTank Shapeshifter v.2

London Trafalgar Square
A fellow lost tourist near Trafalgar Square. I took my ThinkTank Shapeshifter pack for a walk around London on a recent 10 hour layover.

A while back, I noticed a post on Facebook from ThinkTank asking for input on the new version two of their classic Shapeshifter camera pack. I’ve been carrying one around for the last four years on a pretty much daily basis, and although I really love it, there’s always a few things that pop up in daily use, so I sent them a full page letter of suggestions. Six months later, a prototype V.2 bag showed up on my doorstep with an invitation to tell them what I thought of it.

I have a bunch of ThinkTank products, including an Airport backpack that dwarves the diminutive Shapeshifter. The Shapeshifter is a totally different animal than pretty much any other camera backpack you’re going to find, from any manufacturer. Most packs are basically big bulky foam boxes with shiftable velcro dividers inside. They have fantastic protection for your gear, but they’re also really big and bulky The Shapeshifter is unpadded, except for neoprene rubber pouches for the gear. It’s designed to fit two pro cameras, a wide, … Read the rest

Emerald and Alpine House Fires

Emerald Estates Fire
Whistler firefighters wait for water for their hoses as the house burns.
Saturday, I woke up suddenly at 6:30 in the morning. It took me a minute to realize that a fire truck had just gone past my bedroom with it’s lights and sirens going full blast. I jumped out of bed and tuned in my radio scanner to the fire department frequency, and found that there was a huge fire just around the corner from my house. Listening to radio scanners is a bit of an art, but that morning I could hear real alarm in the voices of the firefighters.

The temperature overnight had been below -20 degrees celsius, and it was still -17 or -18 outside. The nearby fire hydrants had frozen overnight, and the firefighters couldn’t get them to work. While they were dealing with the hydrants, I walked up to the side of the house. I met a friend of mine, fire captain Al Eaton, who was still waiting for water for his hose, and we just sat there for a minute watching the house burn. Another two fire fighters tried to get in through a side door, but the smoke in the house was … Read the rest

Whistler Magazine – Food Photos

I spend six weeks photographing the food and portrait sections of the Whistler Magazine, the resort magazine put out by Glacier Media, the parent company of the Whistler Question and Pique.


Araxi Whistler.  BC Sable Fish with Miso.




Tech Stuff:

All the food photos were highly technical set ups, using multiple studio strobes.  One of the most interest shots to get was the one of the salt encrusted beet at the Nita Lake Lodge.  I’d been there last year in the winter and noticed that they had some portable fire places on the patio in front of the bar.  I called ahead and asked them if they could set one up for me to use as a back ground.  I did some conventional shots inside the restaurant, and then moved out and shot in front of the fire.

A funny aside, the beet was supposed to be red.  The beets were roasted the night before and then the chef cut them open beside the table.   When he saw it wasn’t red, he went into the kitchen and started yelling at one of the cooks, who guess was in the dog house for a while.  I thought the orange beet really worked well … Read the rest

Whistler FAQ Magazine

Whistler FAQ Magazine. Harrison Stoker
Craft beer aficionado and co-founder of the Whistler Beer Festival, Harrison Stoker at the Whistler Brewery.

Whistler FAQ Magazine. Julia McCabe
Yoga instructor Jula McCabe.

Whistler FAQ Magazine. Tory Martindale
Four Seasons Resort and Sidecut Steak House Executive Chef Tory Martindale.

Whistler FAQ Magazine. Tess Klein
Artist and jewellery designer Tess Klein

This year I got the assignment to photograph the portraits for the insiders feature of the Whistler FAQ Magazine, which is the resort magazine published by the Pique Magazine. I love shooting editorial portraits, and when I get an assignment, I’m all over it.

Shoots like this take a lot of planning and preparation. The first thing I did was get FAQ Editor Alison Taylor to send me the story outlines for each of the subjects so I could get an idea of where to pose them. Tess Klein and Tory Martindale were easy, as they both worked out of venues at the Four Seasons. Harrison Stoker is kind of a guy around town, so I asked him what would would be a good location that summed what he does, and he suggested the Brewery.

I did a lot pre-visualization of what I wanted, but you also have to be able to think on your feet as well. The … Read the rest

Sura Richmond

Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
Last February, my buddy, Vancouver graphic designer Jung Shin got me to come down to Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, to photograph the menu of the new Sura Restaurant.  I had photographed the original Sura in the West End last year, and they had grown so fast that they were opening a brand new restaurant in Richmond.

Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
A hot pot in a stone bowl.  The stone bowl holds the heat until the last sizzling bit.

Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard

Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
Beef ready for the BBQ

Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
Some tasty looking ribs.

Tech Stuff
Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
A behind the scenes view of my lighting set up at Sura. We started 10:00 PM, after the restaurant had closed, and ended up working until 2:00 AM of two nights in a row. It was February when we did the shoot, and it meant a couple of late night drives in driving snow storms.

Camera:  Nikon D3
Lens:  Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8
Lighting:  Alien Bee B-1600 X 3

Sura Richmond – Food Photographer Vancouver – David Buzzard Photo

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Gyudonya Rice Bowls

Gyudonya Japanese Restaurant
A waitress with a rice bowl special. Once the designs are finished, the food photos I did will go in the menu above her head.
I was back in Vancouver this last week to shoot the menu for Gyudonya, a new Vancouver restaurant specializing in Japanese Rice bowls. I’ve photographing a lot of Vancouver restaurants over the last year, and it’s something I really enjoy.

Gyudonya Japanese Restaurant

Gyudonya Japanese Restaurant
Some Japanese hamburgers, with rice cakes for buns.

Gyudonya Japanese Restaurant

Gyudonya Japanese Restaurant
Steaming rice bowls.

Tech Stuff
Gyudonya Japanese Restaurant
Getting a little help in the steam department from a pot of boiling water. To light the steam, I put a light off to camera left with a grid spot turned almost to full power. Some black draping behind the steam gave us a nice clean background for the steam to show up against.

The photo of the waitress was lit with a camera flash mounted in a soft box. The large studio lights would have over powered the ambient light.

BTW – This was the job I was finishing up at midnight when I got the call about the big Blackcomb Fire. I didn’t make it to bed that day until 5:00 AM.

Cameras: Nikon D3
Lenses: Nikon AF-S 17-35mm … Read the rest

Wilhelmina Models New York Casting Event

Wilhelmina Models Vancouver Casting Call from Media Centre on Vimeo.

I was sitting in a Starbucks with Media Centre partner Alan Forsythe when he asked me out of the blue if I’d like to do a behind the scenes slideshow of the Wilhelmina Models New York Casting Event, which was being held at Vancouver’s famous Tiki Hotel, the Waldorf. Wilhelmina Models is one of the largest modelling agencies in the world, and they’ve recently expanded into Canada.

The aspiring models started their day having their make up and hair checked, then they would go have their measurements checked, and an up to date headshot photograph taken. Then they wait in the hallway to see the New York agents who were in for the day.

Alan’s friend friend, singer Dana-Marie Battaglia donated a song to the show.

David Buzzard

Wilhelmina Models New York Casting Event -Waldorf Hotel – Media Centre

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