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2020 Whistler Magazine Photos

Whistler helicopter pilot Steve Gran
Whistler helicopter pilot Steve Gran
This was for a feature on Whistler residents who work in the film industry, including Blackcomb Aviation pilot Steve Gran who does a lot of flying for international film productions. I went up with him for an arial shoot where he was flying in close formation with another helicopter. It looked cool with the other helicopter, but Steve had his eyes glued to the other helicopter the whole time, so I couldn’t see his face. Once we were done with that, I asked him to fly over to a nearby glacier and put the helicopter into a steep banked turn so I could see the glacier out the window, and to look over my shoulder while he was doing it. I had the camera with a fisheye lens on in my right hand and was hitting the motor like crazy while I was holding on with my left hand to the seatbelt, as the g-force was pushing me nearly out the door. The sun beam through the back window was a happy accident.

The Whistler Magazine, which is the main Whistler resort magazine that goes into all the local hotel rooms, just won the … Read the rest

The Cure at the Nita Lake Lodge

Organic beef burger at the Cure Lounge at The Nita Lake Lodge

I photographed this really great looking burger, made from organic Pemberton raised beef, at the Cure Lounge at The Nita Lake Lodge for the Pique Magazine’s Chef’s Choice Recipe Book. I’d been at the Nita Lake Lodge a few months earlier and done an outside photo of a dish at the restaurant on the patio, so I had a pretty good idea that I wanted to do the shot outside, looking out to the iconic Nita Lake.

I’m really proud of the work I did for the Chef’s Choice book. We shot over 30 photos for the 128 page book in two and half weeks. One of the chef’s at the Nita lake had some experience in cook publishing, and he said it usually takes a year to do a similar project. You can find it at Armchair Books in the Whistler Village.

Organic beef burger at the Cure Lounge at The Nita Lake Lodge

Here’s the behind the scenes via of the shoot. It was a relatively complex lighting set up, with three powerful Alien Bee studio strobes to light the burger. The day was actually kind of overcast and cold, so to get the warm background, I used some 1/8 CTB (convert to blue) cooling gels on the lights. … Read the rest

Whistler Magazine – Food Photos

I spend six weeks photographing the food and portrait sections of the Whistler Magazine, the resort magazine put out by Glacier Media, the parent company of the Whistler Question and Pique.


Araxi Whistler.  BC Sable Fish with Miso.




Tech Stuff:

All the food photos were highly technical set ups, using multiple studio strobes.  One of the most interest shots to get was the one of the salt encrusted beet at the Nita Lake Lodge.  I’d been there last year in the winter and noticed that they had some portable fire places on the patio in front of the bar.  I called ahead and asked them if they could set one up for me to use as a back ground.  I did some conventional shots inside the restaurant, and then moved out and shot in front of the fire.

A funny aside, the beet was supposed to be red.  The beets were roasted the night before and then the chef cut them open beside the table.   When he saw it wasn’t red, he went into the kitchen and started yelling at one of the cooks, who guess was in the dog house for a while.  I thought the orange beet really worked well … Read the rest

Sura Richmond

Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
Last February, my buddy, Vancouver graphic designer Jung Shin got me to come down to Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, to photograph the menu of the new Sura Restaurant.  I had photographed the original Sura in the West End last year, and they had grown so fast that they were opening a brand new restaurant in Richmond.

Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
A hot pot in a stone bowl.  The stone bowl holds the heat until the last sizzling bit.

Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard

Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
Beef ready for the BBQ

Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
Some tasty looking ribs.

Tech Stuff
Sura Richmond.  From Vancouver food photographer David Buzzard
A behind the scenes view of my lighting set up at Sura. We started 10:00 PM, after the restaurant had closed, and ended up working until 2:00 AM of two nights in a row. It was February when we did the shoot, and it meant a couple of late night drives in driving snow storms.

Camera:  Nikon D3
Lens:  Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8
Lighting:  Alien Bee B-1600 X 3

Sura Richmond – Food Photographer Vancouver – David Buzzard Photo

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Sura Korean Cuisine – Vancouver

Korean Beef, Sura restaurant, Vancouver
By David Buzzard
Earlier this year I spent a couple of days shooting the menu for the Sura Korean BBQ restaurant in Vancouver. I was working with graphic designer Jung Shin, who’s working on a series of re-vamped menus for Vancouver’s Korean restaurants. The pictures here are from Sura, and were done after the restaurant closed over two nights. We worked from 10:00 at night to about 4:00 in the morning, to shoot over 60 different dishes.

Korean Chicken Soup, Sura Restaurant, Vancouver
Chicken soup, with a whole chicken in it.

Korean Chef, Sura Restaurant, Vancouver

Korean Chef, Sura Restaurant, Vancouver
Some action in the kitchen, which will be used for cut away images in the menu.

Tech Stuff
MacBook Pro Tethered to a camera
When doing this kind of work, it’s really important to tether the camera to a computer so that everyone, designer, chef, client, as well as the photographer, can see what’s going on.

Alien Bee Lights on location
Where’s the lighting set up for the food shots. It’s really not that different from shooting a portrait, the beauty dish is the key light, the softbox is the fill light, and the light with the home-made snoot is the kicker.

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikon AF-S 28-70mm f/2.8
Lighting: Alien Bee B1600 X 3

Sura Korean BBQ Restaurant – Vancouver – Food Read the rest