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Nikon Z6 Review

Nikon Z6 Review – A professional take on Nikon’s new camera.

A first nations dancer performs with Canadian techno group A Tribe Called Red at the Squamish Constellation Festival. Photographed with the Nikon Z6 camera. David Buzzard Photography
A first nations dancer performs with the Canadian techno group A Tribe Called Red at the Squamish Constellation Festival. Photographed with the Nikon Z6 camera.

I’ll save everyone the of trouble of scrolling to the end of the review to get to the summary. I’ll say right off the start that Nikon has hit it out of the park with the Nikon Z6. While it’s not perfect, my only regret so far with the Nikon Z6 is that I didn’t buy two of them while they were on sale.

I’ve been a working photographer for nearly 30 years and I’ve used Nikon cameras throughout my career, which has been a mixture of newspaper photojournalism and commercial photography. Other than buying a lot of their products, I don’t have any professional relationship with Nikon. If I want to use one of their cameras, I have to go out and buy it. My main cameras for the last few years have been two Nikon D3s’s (that will tell you how disinclined I am to change out my equipment) for my newspaper work, along with a D800 for commercial photography. After … Read the rest

Godox AD200 Review

Squamish MMA fighter Jamey-Lyn Horth. Photographed with the Godox AD200
A portrait of Squamish MMA fighter Jamey-Lyn Horth shot for the Squamish Chief newspaper. I shot this about a day after I first got the Godox AD200. I decided I was going to see what it could do, so I set the power down to 1/16 sec and set the motor drive on my camera to 9 fps to get Jamey-Lyn at full peak action. This is about midway through a 10 shot burst and it’s still giving me the required power, which is really impressive. It also froze her in mid-air (and she was really moving), again, really impressive.

For those not familiar with my work, I’m a professional photographer based in Whistler BC, Canada, but working extensively throughout the Vancouver and Squamish area. I started as a newspaper photographer at 16, and since 1991, I’ve been a full time professional photographer. I don’t have any other sources of income, my wife doesn’t have a high paying job, and I don’t have a trust fund or anything like that.

I’ve been using Nikon equipment throughout my career and have a box of Nikon flash equipment in my studio. I would say that easily two thirds of my work … Read the rest

Profiles of Excellence

All Cargo Express president Gilbert Chang. Richmond, BC.
All Cargo Express president Gilbert Chang. All Cargo is a Richmond company that specializes in shipping cars worldwide.

I do a lot of Vancouver Business Headshots as part of my business, so the the owners of the newspapers I work for, Glacier Media, asked me to do the photography for their magazine, Profiles of Excellence. I ended up spending the better part of November and December last year running around all over Vancouver shooting portraits for the project. It was a pretty cool job for me, that had me going from everything from financial service offices in downtown to shipping companies out in Richmond.

Here are some of favourite photos from the project.

Fairlane Collision & Auto Glass Autobody shop owner Evelyn Caleb.
Fairlane Collision & Auto Glass Autobody shop owner Evelyn Caleb.

OPAL by Element show suite.
OPAL by Element show suite.

Odlum Brown President and CEO Debra A. Hewson in their Vancouver office.
Odlum Brown President and CEO Debra A. Hewson in her Vancouver office.

Tech Stuff:
All Cargo Express president Gilbert Chang. Richmond, BC.
The Mustang in the container, ready for shipping.

With the photo of Gilbert Chang from All Cargo Express, I had taken several of portraits in their warehouse, but after that I went out to photograph some of the cars being loaded into shipping containers. On one of the shots, the flash didn’t fire, and I got this crazy … Read the rest

Whistler Magazine Portraits

Canadian luge racer Reid Watts
Canadian luge racer Reid Watts at turn four of the Whistler Sliding Centre, which was clear of ice at the time of the photo.

One of my favourite regular jobs is the Whistler Magazine. It publishes both a summer and winter edition, and each takes about five or six weeks to get through. Lately, I’ve been specializing in Vancouver headshots, so this is a nice break from that. It’s a nice mix of editorial portraits and food photography, two things I love to do.

Apres Ski photo shoot at the Bearfoot Bistro.
Apres Ski photo shoot at the Bearfoot Bistro.

Caramba Whistler.
My friend Sarah Morden and her boyfriend did the modelling duty on this photo for a feature story on Whistler’s best pizza places.

Pemberton Potato Pizza at Whistler's Creekbread restaurant
Pemberton Potato Pizza at Whistler’s Creekbread restaurant.

Tech Stuff:
Pemberton Potato Pizza at Whistler's Creekbread restaurant
The behind the scenes view of the Creekbread shoot.
I walked into Creekbread, which is a local Whistler restaurant that specializes in wood fired pizza. They had this great looking iron caldron on a wood fired hearth that they use making the tomato pizza sauce. I took one look at it and knew that was the shot I wanted. It was a major operation to get the lighting into the kitchen without knocking anything over, … Read the rest

Squamish Business Portraits

Vancouver Business Headshots
Husband and wife co-owners Erin Copeland and Sean Tremblay of the Tall Tree Bakery, which won for Best Bakery.

I had a pretty interesting assignment the other day, photograph twenty business portraits to go with the Squamish Chief’s annual Reader’s Choice magazine. It’s a pretty big deal for the businesses, especially with so many new businesses in Squamish over the last few years. I only had three days to organize and photograph it all, and we were right in the middle of the wettest October ever recorded in Squamish, and if you know anything about Squamish, it’s that it’s already a really rainy place the best of times, which made it a pretty interesting couple of days of shooting.

I really wanted it to be more than a series of Squamish headshots, so I took a lot of effort to get a feel for the different businesses.

Chris Harper of OTP Performance.
Chris Harper of OTP Performance.

Chris from OTP is an old friend of mine. Twenty years ago when I was just starting out as a commercial photographer, and he was a young professional snowboarder, I took a photo of him that eventually ended up being used to represent cool snowboarders for the … Read the rest

Location Headshots

Vancouver Business Headshots
Nine of the twenty three business portraits I photographed for an international financial services company at their annual meeting in Whistler.

I received an interesting request for some Vancouver headshots the other day. It was from a financial services company who were having their annual meeting at the Hilton Hotel in Whistler. The company wanted a set of matching business portraits, or headshots, and since their executives were spread all over the world, Vancouver, Asia, England, I had to do the photography in the middle of their very busy annual meeting.

I set up my studio in an empty board room at the Hilton first thing that morning, as the first group was set to come down during the morning coffee break. In 20 minutes, I shot the first six portraits, or about one every three minutes for both a tight head and shoulders portrait and a 3/4 length relaxed business portrait. I photographed the last 17 portraits in about an hour over the lunch break.

For more of my headshot work, check out my business portrait page at http://www.media-centre.ca/headshots/

Tech Stuff
Vancouver Business Headshots
A quick view of my set up in the Whistler Hilton boardroom.

This was one of those jobs … Read the rest