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2020 Whistler Magazine Photos

Whistler helicopter pilot Steve Gran
Whistler helicopter pilot Steve Gran
This was for a feature on Whistler residents who work in the film industry, including Blackcomb Aviation pilot Steve Gran who does a lot of flying for international film productions. I went up with him for an arial shoot where he was flying in close formation with another helicopter. It looked cool with the other helicopter, but Steve had his eyes glued to the other helicopter the whole time, so I couldn’t see his face. Once we were done with that, I asked him to fly over to a nearby glacier and put the helicopter into a steep banked turn so I could see the glacier out the window, and to look over my shoulder while he was doing it. I had the camera with a fisheye lens on in my right hand and was hitting the motor like crazy while I was holding on with my left hand to the seatbelt, as the g-force was pushing me nearly out the door. The sun beam through the back window was a happy accident.

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