Whistler Magazine Portraits

Canadian luge racer Reid Watts
Canadian luge racer Reid Watts at turn four of the Whistler Sliding Centre, which was clear of ice at the time of the photo.

One of my favourite regular jobs is the Whistler Magazine. It publishes both a summer and winter edition, and each takes about five or six weeks to get through. Lately, I’ve been specializing in Vancouver headshots, so this is a nice break from that. It’s a nice mix of editorial portraits and food photography, two things I love to do.

Apres Ski photo shoot at the Bearfoot Bistro.
Apres Ski photo shoot at the Bearfoot Bistro.

Caramba Whistler.
My friend Sarah Morden and her boyfriend did the modelling duty on this photo for a feature story on Whistler’s best pizza places.

Pemberton Potato Pizza at Whistler's Creekbread restaurant
Pemberton Potato Pizza at Whistler’s Creekbread restaurant.

Tech Stuff:
Pemberton Potato Pizza at Whistler's Creekbread restaurant
The behind the scenes view of the Creekbread shoot.
I walked into Creekbread, which is a local Whistler restaurant that specializes in wood fired pizza. They had this great looking iron caldron on a wood fired hearth that they use making the tomato pizza sauce. I took one look at it and knew that was the shot I wanted. It was a major operation to get the lighting into the kitchen without knocking anything over, but totally worth it. I had the camera locked down on a heavy duty tripod to get the fire under the caldron to register.

With the photo of Reid, the luge racer, I initially wanted to get the course with ice in it, but unfortunately, they weren’t going to be laying the ice into the course for another five weeks. Then it occurred to me that if we didn’t have any ice in the course, I could pose Reid right in the course. If you were to try this shot with ice in the course, you would probably end up going for a pretty terrifying slide to the bottom.

I lit photo with two Alien Bee B1600 strobes, the main one to left of the frame, and the second one with a grid spot that was about 30 feet away because of the security railing and big gap that we had to jump over to get into the course. Both strobes were powered by a PaulCBuff Vagabond Mini battery, as we were miles from the nearest plug in.

Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8
Lighting: Alien Bee B1600 lights X 3, with a mixture of softboxes and grid spots.